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    Oracle Performance Troubleshooting
with Dictionary Internals SQL & Tuning Scripts
Second Edition

Donald K. Burleson, Robin Schumacher 

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  Full of expert Performance Troubleshooting secrets.

 Oracle Performance Troubleshooting tips by an Oracle Performance Troubleshooting Expert. 

Performance Troubleshooting
This book will be valuable to all Oracle professionals who must tune their Oracle RAC systems for peak performance. Similar to tuning Oracle database systems in general, Oracle RAC performance tuning covers a wide variety of focus areas.

Topics will include Oracle wait events specific to RAC deployments, using Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control and AWR in diagnosing RAC problems, and RAC utilities such as OS Watcher and ORAchk (formerly RACcheck). This book will also discuss architecture issues related RAC performance, delving into the cluster interconnect, physical disk layout and Oracle Flex Clusters.

Key Features

 * Learn a troubleshooting methodology for use in analyzing any Oracle database

* Understand ratio-based and bottleneck troubleshooting analysis

* Learn techniques for monitoring and optimizing memory usage

* Know how to quickly pinpoint and resolve I/O hotspots at the database, storage and object level

* Use scripts to uncover session-related bottlenecks

* Understand techniques for locating and fixing problem SQL


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Oracle Monitoring and Tuning Script Collection



Oracle Monitoring
and Tuning Script Collection


 681 working Oracle scripts

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About the Scripts

Written by the world's top Oracle script developers and authors of over 50 bestselling Oracle books, BC experts share their personal arsenal of Oracle data dictionary scripts in this comprehensive download. With decades of experience using Oracle monitoring scripts and Oracle tuning scripts, you can expose the secrets for navigating the Oracle data dictionary.

Packed with 681 ready-to-use Oracle scripts, this is the definitive collection for every Oracle professional DBA. It would take many man-years to develop these scripts from scratch making this download the best value in the Oracle industry.

Caution - These are extremely powerful undocumented Oracle data dictionary scripts. They should only be used by a certified Oracle DBA, and after a careful review of the Oracle data dictionary script functionality. These Oracle scripts are not for beginners and knowledge of the Oracle data dictionary is required to fully utilize these scripts.














Key Features

*Provides every SQL script in the powerful BC Oracle script arsenal.

*Contains scripts for SQL tuning, Oracle monitoring and Oracle tuning.

*The product of thousands of hours of analysis.

*At less than twelve cents per script, this is a must-have for every Oracle DBA.

* Includes 80 advanced Oracle scripts for time-series monitoring.